Emergency Fuels

Emergency and Storm Fuel Supplies, Services & Security

Emergency preparedness, including assured fuel availability, is critical to the operation of governmental agencies, utilities, delivery services and numerous other fleet operators. We provide access to emergency fuel supplies at times and locations required by our customers, allowing them to react more quickly and effectively to emergency situations, such as severe weather conditions and related disasters.

Schmidt & Sons responded to emergency outages, storms and disasters by mobilizing personnel and a significant fleet of trucks and equipment to provide uninterrupted emergency fuel supplies and support following the devastation caused by those storm systems.

Fueling by fleet operators at their own on-site storage facilities, and/or at retail and other locations operated by third parties may be limited due to power disruptions, supply outages or access and other uncontrollable events. In addition, since security concerns regarding terrorism, hijacking and sabotage are escalating, fueling vehicles at a customer’s facilities eliminate risks to the fleet operators, employees and equipment.