Fuel Delivery


Construction crews and related businesses have highly specific on-site fuel delivery needs, and Schmidt & Sons is here to help you meet them. We’ve been a partner to contractors, landscapers, roadwork crews, and related businesses since our founding. We offer on-site delivery and fleet fueling of the following fuels:

  • Off-road diesel
  • Highway diesel
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Gasoline (Tanks Only)
  • Leased Tanks & Equipment

We also offer a range of lubricants and hydraulic fluids for heavy equipment, compact equipment, trucks and vehicles, and power generators. Using cellular stand alone tank monitors, we can remotely monitor your fuel use to determine when you need of service and track trends over time to help us better understand your fuel needs.

Visit with our Construction Fuel Delivery expert for more information about how we can help.

On-Site Fuel Delivery for Fuel Tanks and On-Site Fuel Tank Refills

Our delivery services aren’t limited to fleet fueling. We also provide on-site fuel delivery for fuel tanks of any size, whether it’s a 500 jobsite tank or a large 10,000 gallon tank for bulk storage. We can also provide a range of value-added services, including maintenance, repairs, and new tank installations — if your fuel tank is starting to wear out, let us help you make an informed, safe upgrade that’s right for your organization.


At Schmidt & Sons, we serve customers in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • LTL Freight Operations
  • Produce, Meat and Beverage distributors & bottlers
  • Hospital waste and linen companies
  • School bus transportation agencies
  • Office Supply Companies
  • Chemical Distributors
  • Petrochemical Plants and Refineries
  • Waste Management Fleets
  • Construction Sites
  • Building Infrastructure Generators
  • Armored Car companies
  • Airports FBO’s
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Agriculture & Livestock facilities
  • Ranches and Farms
  • Food Distributors
  • Restaurant supply companies
  • State, County & City Municipalities
  • Refrigerated Trailer services

Our Partners

Schmidt & Sons, Inc. is very proud to be working with such great companies to bring our customers the very best in products and service.