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Direct Truck to Equipment Fueling Services

One way to improve fueling efficiency is to outsource your jobsite fueling with Schmidt & Sons. Jobsite refueling services, direct to equipment, can avoid the timely and costly practice of transporting equipment back to a central staging yard for refueling.

There are two elements of fuel cost seldom considered labor cost and Idle equipment cost. When the fuel truck arrives on site during the workday, the entire job, or at least the units being fueled, typically shut down simultaneously, bringing the job to a virtual halt. On-site fueling activity takes time, and routinely, the machines being fueled will not resume their work until refueling is completed for all machines. So both operator and equipment are idle. Call Schmidt & Sons and let us tailor a program that insures your operators and equiptment are fueled efficiently and timely, providing the least amount of job distruption.

When evaluated fully, outsourcing your job site fueling with Schmidt & Sons can be truly cost effective and even more valuable if provided after working hours.

Schmidt & Sons can tailor an onsite service to benefit all your fuel and oil needs.  We provide direct truck to equipment refueling, DEF services and secure portable onsite tanks from 500 to 10000 gallons for all your fueling needs.

Off High Way

Engine Oils, Transmission/Differential Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Greases, Gear Oils, Antifreeze/Coolants. Schmidt & Sons offers a complete line of lubrication products for off-highway equipment. This includes construction, mining, pit and quarry, asphalt plant and marine applications, for both mobile and stationary equipment. 

Over-The-Road Trucking

Engine Oils, Greases, Transmission/Differential, Lubricants, Antifreeze/Coolants.

High Performance/automotive

Engine Oils (Detergent and Non-Detergent), Greases, Transmission Fluids, Antifreeze/Coolants.

Natural Gas

Landfill and Natural Gas Engine Oils.


Lubricants for Drilling, Asphalt Heating, Wire Rope, Open Gears and more.

Our Partners

Schmidt & Sons, Inc. is very proud to be working with such great companies to bring our customers the very best in products and service.